Interesting Link Archive (Vol.1)

Over the last year or so, I’ve been gathering a list of links I’ve ran across online. The links range in theme, with articles and videos on Black liberation, alternative news sources, anarchism, creepy shit, cultural studies, fascism, Trans*¬†liberation, U.S. imperialism, Marxism, nuclear catastrophe, environmental radicalism, radical jurisprudence, transformative organizing, veganism and how Slavoj Zizek aint shit.

I don’t know how many volumes this’ll be, but I’ll try to include 20 links in each volume. The links are embedded in a short description.

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A note on Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey was an aspiring fascist and reactionary Black cultural nationalist. We must be vigilantly anti-fascist and anti-imperialist, which means we must be vigilantly anti-capitalist. Garvey was the opposite of any of that. Black folks need to abandon Black Capitalism, U.S. colonialism and reactionary nationalism as ways to respond to oppression.

Some info about Garvey:

We were the first fascists.

Garvey’s connection to fascist ideology.

Fuck Garvey.

During the Revolution…

Why this is me during the revolution

  • Struggling against¬†imperialism and techno-fascism
  • Able to stay resilient when facing up against perceived catastrophe (like losing my lightsaber)
  • Having white folks give up their most valuable resources as an act of solidarity

Why this isn’t me during the revolution

  • I won’t be bald
  • I won’t be a Jedi Master
  • Black men can’t actually do it all on our own