unboundmusic Vol. 2: Smells Like Fall 2011 Semester

This cut was in heavy rotation back in the Fall of 2011. I felt alone and misunderstood and full of pain (which is probably why I gravitated towards a Nirvana cover?) Regardless, I remember lying on my bed, thinking hard about who I am, why this was happening to me and listening. Just listening. The shift towards the end was almost salvific for me then, and salutary to me now. Still a great song.

a theory for social emancipation


Climate Change is in the process of monumentally changing forever the way life on Earth exists. What is to be done? Well, I’m not exactly sure. But, politics is the theory and practice of influencing power, and at my current gig as an aspiring organizer*, we have been putting into practice our** own theory of social transformation, known as the 4R’s. The 4R’s, when all four are put into practice, is essentially a different way of conceptualizing our way to socialism. Below is a brief(ish) description of our calculus for transformation. Continue reading

unboundmusic Vol. 1: Till Full Communism

I love this album. This particular song reinvigorates my organizing work for Climate Justice. When D’Angelo says that “Tragedy flows unbound, and there’s no place to run. Till its done,” I don’t make light of that. D’Angelo and the Vanguard engage in a deep, critical inquiry into some of the truly horrifying stuff we are up against (global war, climate change, nihilism) with a collective tenderness that takes me back to how vulnerable I felt trying to sing my falsetto when I was in grade school group chorus.

I choose to interpret “Till its Done” not as “until the end of the world,” but instead as “until the end of this world.” But hey, I might be reading into it too much?