Interesting Link Archive (Vol.V)

Twice in one year?? Ya’ll welcome.

Surviving Amazon

Color Revolution & Cultural Hegemony

Walking out at the end, Trump turned to his running mate, Mike Pence, almost confused: “This doesn’t feel like second place,” he said, according to a person familiar with the conversation.

Black August: History, Culture & Practice

‘Doctor Atomic’ & Nuclear Colonialism in Northern New Mexico: A Tewa Perspective

US military used thousands of rounds of depleted uranium in Syria in late 2015

The Enemy At Home: US Imperialism in Syria

US military used banned white phosperous at least 4 times in Syria in 2018

The Great Raid of General Harriet Tubman 

The CIAs global drug connection

[Ella] Baker connected the struggle of Puerto Rico to those of Black people in the United States. She described her own pathway to struggle, when as a child a white boy called her a racist epithet — “and I struck him back,” Baker recounts to wild applause.

On the largest affordable housing bond in the history of North Carolina

The NEDs tentacles in the US left

On militant communist & revolutionary theoretician of ‘Invention of the White Race’ Theodore W. Allens 

Thomas Sankara: Imperialism is the arsonist of our forests & Savannah’s

Mississippi Republican candidate for governor provides full throated defense of reactionary white new confederacy project

The financial, philanthropic & tech titans funding left candidates in New York

The Global African Worker on the Haitian Revolution

Al Sharpton informed on leaders of C.O.R.E. & attempted to do so on Assata Shakur

My first published essay in over two years!!



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