Interesting Link Archive (Vol.IV)

A new set of essays meant to intrigue & entice you.

‘relinquishing the patriarchy’ resource list 

The Cultural Revolution in China

The Venezuelan opposition collapses, the Bolivarian Revolution advances 

From Douma to the Gulf of Oman, the US empire uses war propaganda to move its murderous interests forward.

God as power, Christ as meaning, Spirit as holy.

“ should be remembered that [the Haitian] people nearly a century ago instituted the movement which ending in Brazil in 1860 resulted in driving the institution of slavery from the Western hemisphere.”

How George W. Bush learned from his father.

Air Cocaine: Drug-running, arms smuggling and Contras at a backwoods airstrip in Clinton’s Arkansas.

‘Rape exceptions do additional harm to survivors like me by placing the burden of proof on us.’

The first essay I ever published!

The first poem I ever co-wrote!

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways that I could respond to my situation: either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.”

On the CIAs destruction of the revolutionary Paul Robeson via MK-ULTRA (warning: this is incredibly disturbing)

What to expect when visiting a plantation where your ancestors were enslaved

‘At a time when Nicaragua’s left-wing Sandinistas and the Soviet Union had just been vanquished, the Haitian people defeated Washington’s election engineering for the first time in Latin America since Salvador Allende’s victory in Chile two decades earlier.’

A year in the life of Earths CO2

The rate of insect extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles.



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