Interesting Link Archive (Vol.I)

Over the last year or so, I’ve been gathering a list of links I’ve ran across online. The links range in theme, with articles and videos on Black liberation, alternative news sources, anarchism, creepy shit, cultural studies, fascism, Trans* liberation, U.S. imperialism, Marxism, nuclear catastrophe, environmental radicalism, radical jurisprudence, transformative organizing, veganism and how Slavoj Zizek aint shit.

I don’t know how many volumes this’ll be, but I’ll try to include 20 links in each volume. The links are embedded in a short description.

The South seceded because they were materially bound to the maintenance and expansion of slavery.

The police were intimately involved in the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Some dialogue on the class politics in the burgeoning Movement for Black Lives.

Israel is relentless in its occupation of Palestinian lands.

Noam Chomsky would definitely vote for Hillary Clinton.


Contemporary art can be a profoundly racist enterprise.

Donald Trump’s policies AND strategy are fascist.

Misogynists make great police informants.

‘Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.’

A local police department has a stormtrooper unit ready and willing to crush radical movements.

Pulse: Lessons from the Gay Club toward Collective Liberation

Silvia Federici’s Wages for Housework

Fukushima 5 years on.

A beautiful reflection on Blonde

Living cities in the face of climate change.

A radical, Black progressive perspective on feminist jurisprudence and workers’ rights.

Tips on self care in the face of trauma.

Dispelling myths and answering questions on veganism.

Slavoj Zizek aint shit but a fascist.

woot woot!

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