This ain’t a feel good post.

Climate change, that ubiquitous sprint towards planetary annihilation, was ostensibly struck a major blow a few moments ago. Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde, Ban Ki Moon, and this rich asshole all sung its praises. But let us make this plain. cop21 is a neoliberal attempt to address climate change via shifting the burden on to the poorest of people. It is an attempt to address the greatest threat we have ever known (extinction) by using the same tools with which that threat is being created (capitalism). It is an attempt to silence, co-opt and annihilate critical resistance from working class people of color via corporate requirements on the poorest of nations. While corporate tycoons and NGO overlords bump their hips, horde their chips and lick their lips at the victorious horizon for new profits they’ve just created, keep in mind they don’t give a shit about us, this, her, them, this or this.


Fuck cop21. Fuck 12, too.

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