Goodbye & Hello

Years ago, I began this blog as an attempt to practice putting my private and intimate ideas into the public realm online. I am so proud of what I was able to do here. I want to invite everyone who stumbles upon this blog to join me over at, where I will continue what I began here. Thanks again.


Interesting Link Archive (Vol.I)

Over the last year or so, I’ve been gathering a list of links I’ve ran across online. The links range in theme, with articles and videos on Black liberation, alternative news sources, anarchism, creepy shit, cultural studies, fascism, Trans*┬áliberation, U.S. imperialism, Marxism, nuclear catastrophe, environmental radicalism, radical jurisprudence, transformative organizing, veganism and how Slavoj Zizek aint shit.

I don’t know how many volumes this’ll be, but I’ll try to include 20 links in each volume. The links are embedded in a short description.

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